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About Offerman Education

The history of Hangzhou Xindao Education Consultancy Cooperate Limited can be traced back 2007. The company was founded by a group of professional education constants and Chinese students who finished their undergraduate and postgraduate degree in UK, and officially headquartered in Hangzhou, China in July 2017. During last ten years, we have successfully help over 1,000 students receive offers from top universities in UK, UK, Australia, Hongkong, Canada and other European Countries. These offers cover a broad range of different degrees at different stages of study and research, including: GCSE, A-level, undergraduate, postgraduate taught, research master and doctorate degree.


After ten-year development, we have built a strong consultant-application team which is consisted of more than 50 experts from different disciplines and most of them hold UK master and doctorate degree. In addition, we also keep a very good relationship with the British Council, Embassies and Consulates in China, local companies, government organisations and education institutions so that a sustainable business is achieved not only by students’ recruitment but also by educational projects and partnership.

The fundamental principle of our company is to provide the best service and Chinese students who want to pursue their further education in foreign universities, and help them to achieve the best offers according to their academic performances, and to be the most reliable education consultancy company in China. To further promote our spirit and concept, we established a new brand “OFFERMAN” in year 2017. The aim of “OFFERMAN” is to create an image of superhero who will protect all the students from the troubles during their application, defend their dreams and wishes in education, and fight for their offers.


In addition, the services we provide are beyond traditional consultancy agencies. Because, according to the definition from Oxford Dictionaries, Educate means “give intellectual, moral, and social instruction to someone, typically at a school or university”. The services we provide are not only to help get an offer from dream school, but also improve their abilities in both academic and practice to fulfil the requirements for their further studies and research. It is obvious that there are huge differences between Chinese and foreign higher education systems in terms of education style, research methodology, research skills, application process, and responsibility. In this case, apart from the application services, our professional consultants and tutors will also provide usually suggestions in their personal development, future career, study and research skill improvement, and planning. These additional services can help students to get ready for their future study before they go abroad and fulfil the gaps between Chinese and education systems. The students we served can quickly adapt to the new environment and have more clear idea for their futures.

Our Principle and What We Do

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Dr. Tan is one of the top experts in education industry, engaged in high-end overseas study application consulting work for more than five years.As a former lecturer in the department of art and digital media design and technology at coventry university, Dr Tan has conducted a systematic study of the application procedures and requirements of prestigious British universities at all levels.

Fight for your offers

We wish to diversify your pathways and achieve your dream of studying at top universities while strengthen your competitive advantages in academic fields.


Years of experience in the industry

Of our staffs holding a master's degree


Of our staffs graduated from overseas universities


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Dr. Tan

UK PhD, Academic Supervisor

He holds a master's degree in business administration from durham university and has taught at several universities in the UK.Good at interdisciplinary research and high-end consulting, and have many years of international projects and higher education project operation experience.

Delft PhD, Academic Supervisor

Dr. Liu

Senior lecturer in information management, department of business information management and operations, Westminster business school.Served as a commentator on several publications related to knowledge management and manufacturing.He is a member of both the engineering school and the registered IT school.

UK PhD, Academic Supervisor

Dr. Richard

Andrew Beck has been engaged in education industry for more than 30 years and is a leading expert in media and design as well as cultural industry.Currently, he is the chief lecturer in applied media of coventry university and the consultant of international development coordination of school of humanities.He has published articles on media in many international core journals.

UK Lecturer, Academic Supervisor


Five years of consulting experience and several years of consulting management experience, familiar with the education system of English teaching countries, able to fully grasp the requirements of overseas study application and the corresponding process.According to students' personality characteristics, professional background and college application conditions, put forward a reasonable study abroad program.

Consultant Manager

Jun LI

With years of experience in the overseas study industry, I have successfully helped many students to apply for prestigious universities in The United States, The United Kingdom, Australia and other English-speaking countries and regions.I have a unique understanding of the application requirements and details of different schools, which can help students comprehensively analyze the strengths and weaknesses of their applications, and improve the success rate of their applications by preparing targeted documents.

COO, Application Manager

Xifen Qian

Bachelor of design, nanjing university of the arts; master of arts management, royal Melbourne institute of technology.Familiar with the knowledge system related to management and art, good at relevant field documents and thesis writing, and tutored many students to complete the preparation of application documents.

MA, Vice-application Manager


She holds a master's degree in international business at coventry university and is a former recruitment specialist at coventry university. She has in-depth research on the recruitment requirements of British universities and rich experience in back-end applications, inter-university cooperation and other international projects.

MSc, Director of International Program

Wenting ZOU


We are professional to ensure the success of your application

It is crucial for international students to acquire both knowledge and culture during their overseas experience, prior to qualifying themselves as international citizens in order to be able to compete in the global arena. For every student who wants to study abroad, we will play a role as a friend, a guardian, a supervisor and a mentor to comprehensively support your applications, and make sure you achieve the best opportunities for your future.


As we appreciate the connotation of “educate” is “give intellectual, moral, and social instruction to someone, typically at a school or university”. The services we provide are not only limited to help students to get an offer from the dream university but also aim to improve their abilities in both academic and practical skills in order to fulfil the requirements of further studies and research.

Dr. Nic Zhang



Fully-funded UK PhD in mechanical engineering, Senior Consultant and Supervisor


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